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Friday, January 27, 2012

Top 4 Best High Paying Google Ad sense Alternatives For Indian New Small Publisher Blogger

Most of the query which i received over the emails are related to, " Which is the best Google Adsense Alternative?",  "Best Adsense Alternatives for small and new publisher specially for Indians?", "Best Google Adsense alternative for publisher having account?". As we all knew that Google Adsense is dream of every Blogger/ Publisher. But getting approved is not easy task especially when you are a new or small Blogger.
In today's article i will discuss about the top 4 best high paying Google ad sense alternative available on line.
But before going further these alternative are best for all those who are :-

1. New Blogger
If you have just started your blog and wants to make career in blogger.

2. Small Blogger/Publisher
If you are new to blogging and your blog is getting around 100 visit to 1500 page views per day.

3. .BlogSpot.Com

If you don't have a top level domain yet or you are using domain name.

4. Indian Publisher/Blogger/ Indian Traffic

It means if you are from India. and most of your traffic comes from Indian visitor.

If you fall in any of the above category than it's highly recommended to you, that your must read it.

Get Chitika | Premium

Chitika is a must have advertisement program for Google ad sense alternative. It's a pay-per-click contextual based advertising program. As i said above
it's best for all those who fall in the above given category.
Sign Up for Chitika

With Chitika eMiniMalls, you can control the ads, it's also easy to customize.

Chitika's minimum payout rate is only $10 and you can receive the payment through Check or PayPal.


Infolinks is a In-Text Advertising program. Which shows advertising in your keyword and phrases which are currently not linked. It opens a box and show advertising in that box.

Infolinks can pay you through PayPal too. By PalyPal ($50 minimum). It's best for all those who are new to Blogging and wants to monetize their Blog.


A very good alternative to Google adsens and expecially for new and small publisher. Bidvertiser offers various ad formats.
You can also create your own personalized Toolbar for your website/blog.

Bidvertizer can also pay you either in $100.00 increments by check or $10.00 increments by PayPal.


Affinity can be one of the best alternative for Google adsens. It's a in text advertising program as Infolinks. If you are not approved from Infolinks or due to any reason your blog is rejected by Infolinks you can give Affinity a try. Affinity doesn't have any minimum threshold limit and they can pay you through PayPal and cheque.

I have personally tried and using all the above Google adsense alternatives on my blogs. If you have any query regarding all the above you can share with me.


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