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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Indian MLM Company List Top MLM Companies in India List

Last Week i have received email from one of my fellow reader about that, where he can find Indian MLM Company List. Since than i have been searching Google for Indian MLM Company List. I had been into various websites/blog but not one could provide the list of Indian MLM Company. Some of the list included Top Indian MLM Company such as : RmpInfotec, Amway, SpeakAsia Online, and Rcm Business.

Indian MLM Company List Top MLM Companies in India List

Apart from them there are various MLM Company in India. Below is list of Indian MLM Company.

Kabab Shami Baby clothing/Accessories
 Valeda Life Beauty/Skincare/Spa
 Revolving Relay Buyers Clubs/Online Selling
 Unifamily Corporate Services Consulting
 KerryJohn Cookware/Kitchen
 Sayapatri Marketing Pvt Ltd. Cookware/Kitchen
 Corevision Edupreneurs Pvt, Ltd. Education/Books/Games
 Meds It Development Ltd. Education/Books/Games
 Vriddhiplus Education Pvt. Ltd. Education/Books/Games
 Wellmore Marketing Solutions Education/Books/Games
 Businesspeople, Inc. Energy/Fuel
 Hind India Marketing Co. Energy/Fuel
 IFB Industries Energy/Fuel
 Jigar Fashion/Clothes/Accessories
 Tulip Global Pvt. Ltd Fashion/Clothes/Accessories
 Phoenix Trade LInk PVT Financial Services/Currency
 Tycoons Empire MLM India Financial Services/Currency
 Bikmaark Gourmet Foods/Gift Baskets
 Brans Infotech Pvt Ltd Gourmet Foods/Gift Baskets
 Amega Global Health/Nutrition
 Argon Wellness Pvt. Ltd. Health/Nutrition
 Assure Life Care Health/Nutrition
 Cander Bio Marketing, Pvt. Ltd Health/Nutrition
 Davidmethue Health/Nutrition
 Destiny-2000Ltd Health/Nutrition
 E-Links International Pvt. Ltd. Health/Nutrition
 Elinks International Pvt. Ltd. Health/Nutrition
 Global VIP Launch Health/Nutrition
 HLM Retail India Pvt Ltd. Health/Nutrition
 K Link International Health/Nutrition
 Misti Vedik Life Ltd. Health/Nutrition
 Moksh Lifestyles Pvt Ltd Health/Nutrition
 Myiim Health/Nutrition
Network 2008 BD Ltd. Health/Nutrition
 Never Sleeps Health/Nutrition
 Percapita Health/Nutrition
 Safelife Multitrade Health/Nutrition
 Unisys Networking Health/Nutrition
 Destiny-2000 LTD Healthy Foods/Snacks
 RMP Infotec Household/Decorative
 Sarvodaya Household/Decorative
 Takfly Communications Household/Decorative
 Visionplus International Household/Decorative
 Allegrovision Marketimg Pvt. Ltd Insurance
 Bright Future Pvt. Ltd. Insurance
 Eartkashay Multi Services & Infraestates Pvt. Ltd. Insurance
 Janamithra Insurance
 Mass Value Insurance Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Insurance
 Samsaw Insurance Consultancy Services Insurance
 Sandhee Marketing Insurance
 Sarthak Trademart Insurance
 Secure Point Insurance
 Smartway Insurance
 Sureinsure Career Managment Insurance
 Synchronic Merchants Insurance
 TlC Insurance India Insurance
 Vision India Netlink Pvt., Ltd. Insurance
 Vision-21 LIife Insurance Insurance
 Ashiq Ahmad Internet Service/Web Hosting
 Maxtra Internet Service/Web Hosting
 Success Idea Internet Service/Web Hosting
 Lifetime Jewellry Pvt. Ltd. Jewelry/Gems
 Radhakrishnagold Jewellery Pvt.Ltd Jewelry/Gems
 Sai Gold India Jewelry/Gems
 Science of Natural Integration Jewelry/Gems
 Star Symbiosys Jewelry/Gems
 Rainbow Ideal Megamart Lingerie/Sleepwear
 Status MLM Marketing/Tools
 AAROH Distribution Pvt. Ltd Mulitiple Products
 Adworth Mulitiple Products
 Altos Enterprises Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Amcoiway Info Services Limited Mulitiple Products
 Anel Multitrade Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Ayumart Mulitiple Products
 Balaji Multi Services Mulitiple Products
Blue Heaven Mulitiple Products
 Coorg Biz Mulitiple Products
 Dewsoft Overseas Mulitiple Products
 Dionysus Multilevel Marketing Pvt. Ltd Mulitiple Products
 Earth Infotec Marketing Mulitiple Products
 Earthwide Sales and Marketing PVT. LTD. Mulitiple Products
 Egen International Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Elinks Global Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 FISAA Mulitiple Products
 Fisaa Mulitiple Products
 FMIA Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd Mulitiple Products
 FMP Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Gondegooz Mulitiple Products
 Great Return Mkt. Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Gurussr Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Heaven Secure Marketing (P)Ltd Mulitiple Products
 IMP Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Jeevan And Business Associates, LTD. Mulitiple Products
 Jet Way Solutions Mulitiple Products
 KBC Mult-Trade Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Kudos Life Care Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Luxur Global N. Limited Mulitiple Products
 Md Arshad Alam Mulitiple Products
 Milestone Group of Company Mulitiple Products
 Mission Total Health Mulitiple Products
 Neway Bangladesh Mulitiple Products
 Neway Bangladesh Pvt, Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 NMART Mulitiple Products
 NWA -Network World Alliance Mulitiple Products
 Paisa From Mobile Mulitiple Products
 Peace Life Network (P) LTD Mulitiple Products
 Rainbow World Mulitiple Products
 RCM Business Mulitiple Products
 RCS Online Trading Solutions Mulitiple Products
 REX Interlink Marketing Mulitiple Products
 RNM Infotech Pvt., Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Royal Life Mulitiple Products
 Royal Vision Care Mulitiple Products
 Rupsha King Network Limited Mulitiple Products
 Rythm Multitrade Mulitiple Products
 S.O.B.M Mulitiple Products
 Sahara Care House Mulitiple Products
 Sayapati Marketing PVT LTD Mulitiple Products
 Secure Life Mulitiple Products
 Seven Destinations Venture (India) Pvt.Ltd Mulitiple Products
 Shriji Usperb Network Marketing, Pvt. Ltd Mulitiple Products
 Silex Group of Companies Mulitiple Products
 Skyquestcom E-Learning Mulitiple Products
 Standard Life Mulitiple Products
 SVPS Mulitiple Products
 Tanatorn Union Life Mulitiple Products
 TCS IT Mulitiple Products
 TLC Marketing Services Mulitiple Products
 Trillions India Mulitiple Products
 Uptrend Distribution Mulitiple Products
 VBS India Ltd. Mulitiple Products
 Vinsure Marketing Mulitiple Products
 Vollax Mulitiple Products
 Way2Win Marketing Mulitiple Products
 Lifeis Personal Care
 Sre Lifestyles Personal Care
MLM Company Name Website Product
 AFTB Casa Própria RealEstate
 Anjak Overseas RealEstate
 Parkash RealEstate
 Persist Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. RealEstate
 Buvaneswara Services
 Modern Computer Center Services
 Rich Business System Ltd Services
 Universal Solutions Services
 Saral Services Telecommunications/ISP
 IES Marketing PVT. LTD. Training/Self Improvement
 Jasmind Training/Self Improvement
 Forever Leisure and Vacations India, Pvt. Ltd Travel/Vacation/Timeshare
 Namaskar Concepts India Travel/Vacation/Timeshare
 Vinanza Marketing India Travel/Vacation/Timeshare
 Green Prithvi Farming Pvt. Ltd. Unspecified
 Bizarre Utilities
 MLMDOOR Utilities
 Wealth Key Distributors Pvt Ltd Utilities

If i have missed anyone or you wish you add your Indian mlm company in the above list, just drop your details in the comment form.


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