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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who Wants To Join A Fraud Network Marketing Company In India? How To Avoid Scam

This article is the continuous part of my several previous article, in which we discussed about mlm scam and mlm fraud about different companies e.g. Speak Asia Survey Fraud, Rmpinfotec police arrest case, Rcm Business scam,. To name there are several more fraud and scams about mlm business in India.

But the big question always came in the mind about those people who have joined these mlm company. Either they feel cheated or they just let it go.But to be very honest if we take some extra care and do little bit home work before joining any new mlm company in India. Than you can save yourself from being cheated by these companies.

How to avoid Joining fraud mlm company in India

How To Identify Future Fraud

If you are going to join mlm company and wants to avoid fraud than below given three step will help you identifying future frauds.

1. Research About Company's Background 
It's not only about researching about the present company. Take a step ahead and do more home work to avoid future fraud, research about main/parent company. Check company's background, Check about the Management Team, Know the motive/mission behind why this company is coming to MLM/Network Marketing Business. It's sure more research means more knowledge about company and their background. This will also help you in prospecting too.

2. Have Detail Knowledge About Compensation Plan
This means having detailed knowledge about company's compensation plan. Compensation plan are very difficult to understand. You can find more details about compensation plan here. How company's going to make money? how they will distribute money? how much % amount will be distributed among their distributors? how much % company will keep? how company will run their operations?

3. Know About Company's Product

This is very important. You top mlm leader will tell and motivate you about that, in mlm product is not important, but wait you can't imagine you mlm company without a strong mlm product. So be careful while choosing mlm company.

4. Checking Legal Status Of Your MLM Company

 Make sure your company have relevant association with any govt. office/organization. More information about check legal status of mlm company in India can be found here Check Legal Status Of You MLM Company In India.

If you follow all the above points, sure you will avoid join fraud mlm company in India. You question, comments are always welcome.


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