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Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Is MLM Affiliate Program & How It Works In Network Marketing Making Money From MLM Affiliate

Recently we have seen so many scams and fraud about network marketing. As RMPInfotec Police Arrest Case, Gold Sukh MLM Fraud, Speak Asia MLM Fraud. When people see these kind of fraud in Network Marketing business they feel very embarrassed. These days more and more people looking for better network marketing options and and they want change in the way they do the business.These people are now attract with Online MLM Affiliate Program. But most of them yet not understand the basic of this affiliate marketing, this article will explain and details about what is an affiliate program? how it's used in mlm, network marketing? how they can get most out of any mlm affiliate program?

What is an Affiliate Program

As it's name affiliate, means having association. In network marketing if a person promote or sell products of others than it means he is affiliated with that person/company. I hope now you clearly understand what affiliate program is? to make it simple " If a person sells others product/ service it means he is part of the affiliate program.

How Affiliate Program Works In Network Marketing
what is mlm affiliate and how it works and how to make money

Let's detailed about affiliate program as described in above picture.
1. Affiliate Program Provider

The very first step in network marketing affiliate is affiliate program provider. It means a website which sells anything from below mentioned product is Network Marketing Affiliate Program Provider.
A affiliate program can sells any of the above product\services to their customer.

2. Joining Network Marketing Affiliate Program

As in Network Marketing you make people to join your down line, same sample of a ads displayed for forcing people to join their affiliate program.

Online mlm affiliate program sample ad

When you join any of these type for online affiliate program. You pay some amount for signing up. Once you join the online affiliate program the next step is to refer people to join the same program as you joined the affiliate program. The Affiliate provider will provide you a link where you'll have to send people and if they join than you'll get paid some % of the total amount.

3. Promoting Network Marketing Affiliate Program

Once you become a affiliate of the program, now the very important part comes in this affiliate program and your earning potential only depends upon this step. If you promote your affiliate program link well than you can earn as much you wants, but how can your promote your network marketing affiliate program link?

If you wants to promote your affiliate program link that you have to use any or all of these strategy.

  • Promoting Network Marketing Affiliate program with Online Website
  • Promotion Network Marketing Affiliate program with Online Blog
  • Promotion Network Marketing Affiliate program with Email Marketing
  • Promotion Network Marketing Affiliate program with FaceBook

4. You Refer And Make Money From Affiliate Program

If you follow any or all of the above strategy to promote your affiliate program link and people join after vising the main website/blog and purchase than you'll get commission in %. Now it's up to you that how many visitor your send to that affiliate program.
For Example:- Your main affiliate product coast 10$ and your commission is 20% per sale, means 2$ per sale.
If you send 100 people and your conversation ratio is only 15 %, means only 15 people join, means your make 15*2 = 30$ in a month. What your have invested is only 10$. Congrats your first month net profit is =10$ (you invested) - 15$ (you earned) = 5$ (net profit). Moreover you can make more money as you learn more about affiliate program.

5. Making More Money With Affiliate Program

Time by time as you knew more about affiliate program and promote it's effectively you make more money by repeating the step no. 3 & 4.

Anything left out always welcome your comments and question.


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