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Monday, December 13, 2010

New MLM Business Plan in India

Mlm industry in India is changing. There are new mlm companies in india with their new mlm business opportunity and new mlm business plan in India. But if these new mlm companies do some research before the new mlm company launch in India so they can get a huge success in India.

With several months of research and speaking with many of the top mlm leader in India i have found that Indian people are in search for a unique mlm business or network marketing business, because they are not satisfied with the old ones no mlm company in India is giving good results.

Even though people are joining and doing new mlm business in India, Whatever the company is they are not happy with the company because there is no success for every one since they are doing them since long time.
Mlm Business in India is a want want in India, there are lot of people starting new business saying that their mlm / network marketing business is unique and you can get success, but they fail, because due to less experience or they themselves dont know what is mlm and network marketing business.
As per my research each and every Leader in India is waiting for a new and unique mlm plan to come soon.
What are their expectations from new mlm business plan in India

The compensation plan should be like Amway Business

The Products should be like RCM Business

And their payment system should be weekly and directly credited to the banks.

And the Joining amounts should be affordable to the middle class families.

The repurchase system should be unique and payable the products should worth and of daily usable should compete the market easily.
The Company also should support the leaders in the starting stages, and the company should have good image in the market.
These above points will definitely make people join any new mlm companies and should stay forever without quitting in middle and each and every distributor of the mlm company will be active forever.

If you are one of the mlm leader of any company please write your ideas and points to finish the wait of the new and unique mlm / network marketing company in India...


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