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Monday, November 15, 2010

5 Things Which Your MLM Leader Will Never Let You Know

MLM Trainings are essential to be successful in MLM Business and top mlm companies conduct training session for their distributor, but there are some things which your top mlm leader will never let your know. These are the 5 things which your mlm leader will never let your know.
In MLM business, most of the mlm leader advises you just to confuse you. Some of the mlm leaders are kind enough but do not really know if the ideas work.

5 Things Which Your MLM Leader Will Never Let You Know

1. MLM Business is all about sales.
MLM business is direct connected with products sales. When we have products to sale as per our mlm business it definitely is selling. We can’t call it any other way. MLM business is direct selling, it means we are into sales and we have to do sales.
2. Direct Selling Is Not Just Like A.B.C.D
It's not true that because everyone can't do direct marketing. MLM business is direct marketing & direct marketing is where talent is required. Lawyers are in courts because they are equip with the knowledge related to law and orders. So all people can't become successful in MLM business, but with mlm training those people who are serious about making money can become successful after knowing the techniques. But the truth about mlm business is that not everyone can become quick rich in mlm business.
3. Everyone Joins From Your Potential List.
It's a great lie, but still most of the people fall into this crap. Because of this reasons most people jump to the idea of selling is because of this absurd idea. MLM Training India MLM will not lie and agree because marketing-wise, this is simply not true. All people are interested in buying what you are selling to them.
4. MLM Products Are Best And Incomparable
Granting without admitting, there are other products in the market of excellent quality. When your mlm company introduces their product, they always go for product description and distinction. But most of the MLM companies products are of good quality. Laying down the qualities of the product is sufficient without making the other products look worthless and incompetent.
5. We Will Built Your Business And Make It Grow
No one can make your life better except your yourself. The same is equivalent with MLM business too, you alone can build it grow through your own efforts and management. Your mlm company can only motivate and provide your MLM Training but in the real only you have to grow your own mlm business.

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Anonymous said...

Nice article

Dr. Mir Iqbal Ali said...

This is a good article. Unfortunately, what I have seen in India is that the promoters stress so much on it being a Get-rich-quick scheme without much hard work. This is false in the MLM industry, just as it is in any other field. Though it is very true that that Direct Selling Industry gives you a wonderful opportunity to make much more money than traditional jobs for much lesser work hours through the concept of PASSIVE INCOME, just joining the business does not guarantee instant money.

Also, one should be wary of newer companies with questionable credentials as I have come across a few unknown companies that somehow manage to create a buzz to attract hundreds of people and suddenly disappear without a trace. But I feel the people who trust such companies are also at fault as any reputable company will have a verifiable online presence and one should research it thoroughly before joining.

At the same time, specially in India, this industry has become very infamous because of the unethical and unscrupulous business practices of many individuals. I'm sure many aspiring network marketers among your readers would have faced awkwardness and sometimes outright ridicule by their friends once you mention that you have joined this industry. However, I firmly believe that this system works and one should focus of honesty and choose a company and products that one feels suits their personality. What most people fail to realise is that this business is not about catching more and more people but in finding a few right people and helping them develop their businesses.

Wishing all the readers the very best in choosing the right company and working the right way to build your way to financial freedom.

Dr. Iqbal Ali

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