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Thursday, October 28, 2010

RMP Infotec BIz MLM Review : Indian MLM Company Review

RMP Infotech MLM Indian MLM Company-

RMP Infotec is a Chennai based home business opportunity by selling or marketing their wide range of products through MLM or multilevel-marketing.

Started :
RMP Infotec mlm started at business on 24th August 2001, they have now completed more than 9 years in business.

Promoter :
Rmp Infotec mlm is promoted by Mahavir Group, Successfully doing business in Steel, Metals, Trading , Construction & Finance for The last 68 Years.

Currently RMP Infotec MLM is having 18 household products to choose from based on your requirement. Once you have picked up your favorite product and purchased it from RMP, you will automatically become an independent RMP distributor. The product range starts from Rs.6990 to Rs.48000

Compensation Pay Plan:
If you are new to network marketing mlm so click here to understand the mlm compensation pay plans better.

In every weekly incentive distribution, the highest payment for each distributor is about 13000PV or considered as 130 pairs. It means that you are eligible to receive up to 1.3 lac per week

If the necessity of trimming arises, it will be applied accordingly

Car Loan
When a Distributor gets a 3 consecutive ceiling incentive then that specific Distributor has the privilege to apply for a Car loan of about 1 lac rupees depending on the company’s standard.

Training & Support System
Rmp Infotec mlm organize various events. These events are specially for new prospects & joined distributors. Excellent corporate sponsored conventions and distributor lead regional events. These events are held by top Rmp distributors, who are among the highest income earners in the industry, with huge organizations.They provide marketing tools also like Presentations, CD,s & DVD's.

Top Earner/Leader or Rmp Infotec MLM
If we talk about the top earner and leader of RMP infotec mlm, in this rmp infotec has many people who had become achievers from rmp infotec mlm. Below is the list of some of the top achievers & earner of rmpinfotec.
Abhilash Thomas


A reliable opportunity under Indian circumstances with seven years track record of success. The company has established itself as one of the prominent network marketing companies of India. A proven distributor support team ads a feather to its thrown.


RMP Infotec has found itself under controversy a few times due to allegations that the company was a pyramid scheme. In 2008 a couple of RMP distributors were jailed for spreading false rumor faking the launch of Reliance Group Company in network marketing.
Do Share your comments & experience.

Disclaimer:- We are not Distributor of RMP Infotec. The report is from a collection of reliable data from Internet and must not be interpreted as means of promotion or demotion of the company concerned. 


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