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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Phase of Network Marketing MLM Business in India

Network Marketing as an industry has developed from it's origin to the present situation. As we know that there at a lot of Netowkr Marketing MLM Company in India. Network Marketing has developed through 5 phase, wherein each phase has a different methodology of doing the business.Lets learn the five phases :

Phase of Network Marketing MLM Buisnes in India

  • 1 Door to Door Selling:-
Phase one was more about Amway Door to Door Sales phase
which I feel is no longer existing anywhere in the world.

Phase two was all about one to one plans , home meetings ,
hotel meetings etc….Which is still one of the most preferred ways to do
business in many countries where MLM as an industry is less than 10 years
old.In Countries like US , I feel That this phase is slowly and slowly taking a
back seat.

  • 3 CD's Telephone:-
Phase three of MLM is all about Using Modern Day Tools like
prospecting Cd’s , Toll – Free Numbers , Tele-conferencing…Etc..Which is
ofcourse very widely used . However has
just started in many new countries in MLM market like India
, Sri-lanka etc…

Phase four Is all about Internet and replicating
websites.This phase is going in a big
way in Developed Countries like U.S. , Australia , U.K etc…To add to the kit
are now powerline systems which create a fear of loss…..However in New Markets
of MLM like India , Israel and other places , Local companies are not yet
having these advanced systems and hence lot of potential is there.

  • 5 Attraction Marketing :-
Phase Five is something which has really changed the Way
people take MLM.It is all about Attraction Marketing where in you attract the
right target market by giving them useful information for free. Mike Dillard is
one gentleman Which Literally started this new revolution and was followed very
closely with others like Ann Sieg , Daegan Smith , Paul Birdsall , Joe
Schroeder , Dale Calvert etc..

Phase five is literally a new wave to build MLM in all the
countries and success is literally guaranteed if done in the right way.However
in New Markets where MLM as an industry is less than 10 years old , even phase
4 and phase 3 offer a lot of opportunity.
Do share your comments & experience for more information.


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