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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is Network Marketing Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. As said for Network Marketing it's a Business not a scheme. There might be Scheme through anyone can get rich quick, but in the whole world there isn't any Business which can make you rich quickly. So beware of these kind of Get Rich Quick Scheme.
Today everyone wants to be get rich quicky that's why these schemes are growing rapidly. You go to any Industry there are Get Rich Quick Scheme so in Network Marketing Industry also.

"A get rich quick scheme promises very high returns for little investment within a very short time".
Is Network Marketing Get Rich Quick Scheme?

There is certainly big money to be made in Network Marketing, and you will often hear rags to riches stories about people who beat the odds and went from zero to millionaire through building a successful network marketing business.The key word here is building. Many people have the wrong idea about network marketing - they think it is a get rich quick scheme. Not only is this not true, it has a negative effect on the people who are involved in the industry, not to mention the people who are afraid of it! In fact, possessing an earn money quick mentality is one sure way of guaranteeing failure.
Many people seem to think network marketing is a scam. While some companies may indeed be unreliable, the business model is not. What is network marketing? It is simply a model of constructing the flow of goods and the transfer of funds from consumer to distributor. Network marketing, or multi-level marketing (MLM) builds it's customer base outside of the normal corporate advertising model. In this capacity, MLM companies rely on their distributors to advertise products. The corporate office simply provides the inventory and shipping of products. Some MLM companies require that distributors purchase large quantities of product each month in order to remain "active" sales people. Other MLM companies may require the monthly purchase of products for personal use. There is almost always some kind of purchase required when a new distributor joins the team.

This is kind of like a franchise, but not exactly. MLMs have their specific brand like any other sales company, but they do not have establishments, like McDonalds for example. The difference is that MLMs are home-based businesses, where the distributors work out of their homes. Some people may have issue with this and feel that people are like snake oil salesmen, slinging worthless product from their suitcases. Make sure you check out the company's products though...some may be out of alignment with your personal morality. This is important because you have to passionate or people might think you are scamming them.

The bottom line is, network marketing is not a Scheme or Scam. It's a business model. It's a different form of sales that relies on everyday people - moms, dads, students, grandparents, whoever - to take initiative, work hard and strive to develop their own business. Networking means building solid relationships and helping other people develop their businesses. There's a chance you will get rich quickly, and there is a chance you won't get rich at all. It depends on how hard you work - because it is YOUR business.

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